Student leaders of the Scripps Ranch High School Marching Band display their trophies earned at the SRHS Marching Band & Color Guard Tournament. (photos by John Gregory)
SRHS Marching Band earns top trophies
By John Gregory

The Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) Marching Band performed in nearly flawless fashion Saturday night, Oct. 7, as it captured the top trophies in the 20th Annual SRHS Marching Band & Color Guard Tournament on the campus football field.

SRHS won the AAAA Division and earned top overall Music Performance, best Visual Performance, top Music Effect Performance and was the overall Tournament Champion.

Judges for the tournament were brought in from all over Southern California, and some from across the nation.

SRHS Music Director Russell Shedd explained that it takes months to prepare for this tournament and that the students started working on their performance in mid-August. He described the extreme discipline and dedication necessary to be part of such a successful team, as well as the difficulty involved.

"It's probably the most demanding activity that you can do. It's much more than it was 40 or 50 years ago," Shedd explained. "You have to be athletic to do what we do. There's dance elements. There's controlled running. We probably march 5 to 6 miles a week in practice. For a show, it's a controlled run for 6-7 minutes straight, and playing an instrument. So, that in and of itself is difficult. Now, put in formations and then all the dance elements, the theatrics to what we do, the design elements. It's really an encompassing art form."

Look for much more about the Scripps Ranch High School Marching Band program and the tournament in Scripps Ranch News later this week.

SRHS students involved in winning the tournament's top trophies were pleased as they gathered around SRHS Music Director Russell Shedd on the field.